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  1. Richard says:

    “There is no USS John Roll, but there will be a USS Gabrielle Giffords. Of the six living ppolee for whom naval vessels were named in this century, she is only one of two who never served in the military.” Which perfectly encapsulates the stereotypical liberal mindset towards the military. After all Giffords is a victim…what a perfect precedent; the primary purpose of naval military vessels isn’t for making war when needed, they’re for humanitarian endeavors. Obama By KATE BRANNEN | Last Updated:February 17, 2012 If implemented, that will reportedly reduce America’s nuclear weapons capacity to less than China’s… Make no mistake about it folks, this is entirely intentional.

  2. Edoardo says:

    Alex:Unlike many posters here, I did know your fehatr. I had spoken with him off and on for years as I followed his path away from and then back to the WSJ. We were in the same fraternity at CM-U, although I was few years ahead of him. I was even lucky enough to hear him speak just outside Philly, during one his of book promotion tours.As I pulled up at Episcopal Academy, I saw your dad walking towards the lecture hall. I hurried up to get out of my car because I was not sure where to go. As a CM-U graduate I figured that following the featured speaker, I would be likely to end up at the right place. As always, your dad was a class act and individually acknowledged every one of his former fraternity fellows (by name) for having shown up to hear him.I loved his columns in the Journal and would burst out laughing as he drew humor from the most unlikely sources. What I remember most is that he was humble, almost unbelieving of his gifts. When he was given the assignment to try out to be the new Ann Landers, your dad took it seriously. When he was making the rounds of the talk shows for, WSJ writer tries out for the new Ann Landers, I was possibly the first to congratulate him before the formal announcement. I have spent enough time in marketing to realize that the publicity generated by his appearances pretty much guaranteed his winning. As a dad with a daughter, it must have been the onions as I read your letter. My daughter and I frequently share stories of some of our favorite moments. She often thanks me because she too, has learned how to write. She never looks at a blank piece of paper (or screen). She instead sees the story and proceeds to fill the page. Your Father would be proud you share his gifts as a story teller.

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