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  1. Paul J Howley says:

    Jeff was a great friend of mine back in college at ODU. Jeff was working on the Virginia Pilot Newspaper during the summer and it was his responsibility to cover the local country concerts. Well, I was so enthused to give him a ride there, he got me in free. Jeff was such a gentleman, he taught me how to run better so I could orienteer. I knew Jeff was going places. I remember on the last few days prior to his leaving ODU he gave me & my college roommates the glory of being mentioned as authorities on 86th Street @ Virginia Beach via the front page of the Virginia Pilot. I think of Jeff often.
    Paul J. Howley

    • jerryz1 says:

      Hello, I tried posting a story but it didn’t work. It was actually the second story I posted…(the same one)…can you check and see if you got the story or try to post it? Not sure what’s wrong. Am I blocked? Jerry Zucker

    • jerryz1 says:

      Hello, I sent a note to someone asking for help about posting a story on the zazz website (I tried twice directly, both without success_ I meant this to be a private note but instead they posted it online, along with all the zazz stories. Can someone please take down my private note among the stories? (and please don’t post this letter to you). jerryz1

  2. I just picked up The Magic Room at the library and I read a few pages into it and had to run for the Kleenex.I think I should have known after reading The Last Lecture that it would have been a heart string puller.I always Google the author of the current book I am reading and was shocked to see Mr.Zaslow had passed away.I am so sorry for your loss and he was right in his words–he has beautiful daughters that he loved so much.God bless you all,you are in my prayers.

  3. Yvonne Dunlap says:

    Just found out that Jeffrey, my favorite contempary author has passed away. I am in shock. His audio books, and books…make me feel like I’ve lost a friend I never knew. His beginning of the Magic room now, is so touching as I listen to the audio version. 99 percent of my readings are books before 1923..being introduced to Jeffrey’s writing was such so refreshing because his books I could share with my church friends which is not the case in so many current authors. My hearts go out to your whole family. 10/2012

  4. W. Bruce Cameron says:

    My immediate reaction to this tragic event was to say “but I was just WITH him.” Jeff and I had become friends in Oklahoma City during an NSNC convention–we shared a cab and wound up talking to each other at the event. And it was just a few months ago that I saw him in San Francisco at a book convention–we instantly reconnected and talked about marketing books, the change in the industry, all of that sort of stuff. I felt that I had found a friend and was looking forward to crossing paths with him. And then I got word in the worst way, a passing reference on Facebook. I just couldn’t believe it.

    Life can sweep you up in its winds–we went into production on a film; I became too busy to post anything here, but I was smart enough to sign up for notifications and have been tracking all the wonderful memories and tributes to the great man that was Jeff. My heart goes out to his family and friends. This is such a heartbreaking loss.

  5. Jamie Cogan says:

    I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting Jeff last year, where he spoke on “The Last Lecture”. Beyond that great speech, I was lucky enough to get to meet and speak to him, and was amazed by his humility and warmth and genuine caring about every person he took the time to speak to. He took the time to sign his book, as well as have his picture taken with me (and many others), which was a great honor. Every woman should be lucky enough to have a husband, and every daughter to have a father like him, not to mention his great talent as an author. Those of us involved with the organization he spoke for that day were heartbroken to hear of his loss. While I only met him once, several people I know spent time with him, and we are all heartbroken for his wife and daughters.
    Jamie C. in Indianapolis

  6. Roberta says:

    The daffodils came up early this year, maybe they thought you needed the flash of a golden trumpet where you expected only cold soil.

    It was the warmest March ever; maybe the sun thought you needed extra light along the new path.

    You are remembered today. RSD

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