Eden Zaslow, Daughter


Even though this is so hard to write, I know that you wouldn’t want me to be scared.
My dad was one of the most special guys I have ever met. I would always tell him how I needed to marry someone just like him. Even though people always say that, I meant it 100%, because my dad was a role model for what every man should be. He was always busy with his books or giving speeches, but he never stopped having time for his family.

With my sisters moved out and it just being my parents and me home, he always talked to them on the phone as much as he possibly could. One of my greatest memories with my dad was when he took me to LA to meet The Jonas Brothers. A lot of the reason why I loved The Jonas Brothers so much, was because of the love my dad had for Bruce Springsteen. This was something we both could spend hours talking about. While most people didn’t get why they were so special to me, my dad always understood. I would sit on my bed with my laptop and my dad would come in and ask me to show him YouTube videos of them. I always told him that it would be boring for him, but he always wanted to see more videos. While we were in LA, it was pouring rain and my friend and I were under an umbrella waiting for 2 hours until they allowed everyone with meet and greet passes to come in. Even though my dad didn’t go in with us to meet them, he waited the entire time we were outside with no
umbrella and drenched from the rain. Random people in line kept telling me how great of a dad I had for doing that for us. When I came back  from the concert, I kept telling him how amazing of a dad he was for getting that dream of mine accomplished and that I will never forget it. Whenever I would go to a speech with him, he would always want to show people the picture of me with them, while I was embarrassed, because I knew that no one would care that much, he always wanted to show people how happy that picture made me.

Another thing that I loved doing with my parents was driving around and looking at houses. When my mom and I could do this for hours, it took my dad a few trips to see how much I enjoyed it, to also take hours with me to look at them. During last December, before winter break, I had an awful day at school and was stressed out. He knew just the thing to do for me. Take me to look at the houses christmas lights. Even though this was a Monday night at 10:30 and I had school the next day, he still took me. We stopped to get hot chocolate and we just drove around for an hour looking at the lights until I was calm. This was an example of when he knew exactly what to do.

My dad was truly a special person. He would always take the time to pack in my lunch a note to me telling me to have a good day. I never threw any of them out. Even though I would always laugh at my lunch table about how my dad was so sweet for writing notes in my lunch, I always showed my friends the note if they asked to see what he wrote that day. It also caught on with my mom writing me notes in my lunch. I could always tell who packed my lunch and wrote the note, because of how it was folded. My moms was always neatly folded with hearts on the front, and my dads was crinkled in, just barely getting messed up from the strawberries that were leaking in my lunch.

So, now what does my family do? We can either be sad all the time and not be able to be the same, or we can live life how he would have wanted us to. By always being happy and remembering his memories. Every time I was mad at him or being a typical teenager, he always told me how life is too short to be mad all the time. I always knew that, but it never hit me how it does now. It makes me happy though, because he was someone who was never mad all the time. He always found the positives in life. So, knowing that his life was too short, but that he was never mad all the time, makes me feel like his life was exactly how he wanted to live it. In The Last Lecture, he took death and made it inspirational. Or in the Gabby book, he took a horrible accident that happened last year, and made it into a story that was strong. The Girls  from Ames was always one that he said he thought of me the most in. He always loved all my friends and was interested in stories I would share with him about all of us. He always would kid with me about how when my friends and I get older he wanted to write another The Girls from Ames, but instead name it “The Girls from West Bloomfield” In The Magic Room, he dedicated it to my sisters and me and “the love we wish for our daughters” I know that he meant this because he always wanted the best for the three of us, and he never let us forget that. He was the most special person I ever knew and I am lucky enough to have had an outstanding dad like him for 16 years of my life. He not only was an unreal dad, but also the best husband any wife could ever ask for and my mom was and still is the luckiest women alive. I know that his writing and his voice will live on forever, not only in my family, but to the world, because everyone knew how special he was. I love you, dad.


4 thoughts on “Eden Zaslow, Daughter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eden, I am so sorry for your loss. May you keep your memories of your dad in a special place in your heart forever.

  2. Mary Ellen Thomas says:

    I can feel your pain, Eden, but I promise you that one day you will feel better and you will look back on those times with you dad and smile, and realize that he was right…life is too short to be mad all the time. Your family and friends will be your rock in the coming months/years and help you get through this tragedy. Your dad was an amazing man and your memories of him will live on forever.

  3. Natalie Bloom says:

    I am so proud of you. You are so brave and strong, it’s truly remarkable. You, Alex and Jordan were the light of your dads eye. I know that with your sisters and your incredible mom by your side you will get through this and come out even stronger. Your dad will never be forgotten not just for his professional accomplishments, but because of the values that he instilled in you. You are a direct reflection of your dad, never forget that. I love you till the ends of the earth.

  4. Ruth Shafrir says:

    Dear Eden. I am part of your Israeli family we never met but I always dreamt to meet you. Reading your letter to your special father I wanted to express my condolences and sorrow. You and your sisters were blessed with such a special father, as with your entire family. Yes he’ll stay forever, not only in your memories, but close to you.
    May you’ll never have any sorrow .

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