Brett Segelman, Nephew

My Uncle Jeff. Words really can’t describe how unbelievable of a person he was. But even for a wordsmith like him, I don’t think he would even want tell you [in words] how great he really was.  For a guy who had such an incredible career, I always found it funny how he would be so much more willing to have a conversation with even the most uninteresting people about their mediocre job and/or life. He really enjoyed learning about all sorts of people, from all ends of the spectrum. Maybe that’s why his books and columns were so popular with readers. Because he wrote about topics that ALL people can relate to, regardless of wealth, ethnicity, age, or any other factor. He wrote about life’s everyday challenges and experiences.
My Uncle could also appreciated the little things. I learned the first 15 or 20 seconds of “Thunder Road” on the harmonica and piano, and even though I thought it was stupid that I didn’t take the time or effort to learn the rest, he still really enjoyed hearing me play what I knew, even though it awkwardly stopped 15 seconds in. He always liked hearing about people talents and achievements, and again, really didn’t mind not talking about his.
I am sad about his passing, but am comforted to know that his spirit lives on in so many of us. I’m sure he would of liked to see what I am going to become, but I know I’ll become it better because I knew him.


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